Lauren MacDonnell

Lauren MacDonnell

Research Professional

Department of Internal Medicine

Translational Cardiovascular Research Center (TCRC)

The University of Arizona College of Medicine – Phoenix

I began volunteering in Dr. Glembotski’s lab after graduating from San Diego State. That was my first introduction to cardiac research, and I immediately found it fascinating. The first thing I learned in lab was viral production and it has remained a passion of mine ever since. Outside of work I love to spend time outdoors, camping and hiking. If I have to be indoors I am baking, reading, or working on a puzzle!

  • Utilizing molecular strategies to study the mechanisms and interactions involved in ER-associated degradation
  • Molecular cloning and construct design to create recombinant viral technology
  • Inter-organ communication in systemic pathologies
  • B.S in Biology with a Minor in Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience,, 2017

    San Diego State University